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Advocacy for the arts is essential and is all about building a relationship with your elected official. For tips, tricks and resources on how to advocate for the arts please see the FAPAP Advocacy Page.

Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN) develops professional services for the broad array of individuals and organizations engaged in the diverse field of public art. PAN is the only professional network in the United States dedicated to advancing public art programs and projects through advocacy, policy, and information resources to further art and design in our built environment. Members of PAN can join a national Listserv where our colleagues across the nation post issues, questions, and information pertaining to the field.

Best Practices in Public Art Best practices can be found in any professional field. The purpose of a published set of best practices is to acknowledge what are generally accepted as the finest methods or techniques to practice within a given field. The best practices referenced below were developed in conjunction with the Public Art Network Advisory Council and other professionals. (Courtesy: Americans for the Arts)

CODAworx (Collaboration of Design + Art)  is the hub of the global commissioned art economy.  CODAworx’s website provides its members — artists, architects, developers, urban designers, public art agents, and industry resources – with a platform to showcase projects featuring commissioned artwork, connect and collaborate with members of the creative community, find resources and conduct transactions. Over 4,000 projects from over 90 countries, with art commission budgets totaling over $800 million are showcased on 30,000 design + art professionals are currently in the CODAcommunity.  This is a great resource for programs looking for artists in a specific genre, and a good way for artists to post specific projects for free.

Forecast Public Art is a nonprofit organization that offers helpful resources for artists, organizations, and community members to learn more about public art. Forecast also produces the “Public Art Review” publications that are also great resources to explore.

The Art in State Buildings handbook sets out the process for acquiring artworks into a Public Art Collection. This handbook is written for Art in State Programs, but can be adapted to any program, and can be a helpful general guide to administering a program.

There’s nothing like throwing out a question to your colleagues! The organization has developed a listerv group for its members through google groups. This service is for all current members and the purpose is to connect members, encourage conversation about Public Art, and strengthen the Florida Public Art network . Once you join, you’ll be added to the list and will begin receiving the emails. You have the option to manage the frequency of email notifications or totally opt out, however this is a great way to hear about calls to artists, float questions to your colleagues, or to learn about what’s happening in Public Art across the state.

The Public Art Archive™ (PAA™) is a totally free, continually growing online and mobile database of completed public artworks. PAA is a program supported by the 40-year old nonprofit arts service organization, the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). The PAA database unites records from public art organizations and artists into one comprehensive resource, raising awareness about the value of public art and helping to advance the professionalism of artists and practitioners in the allied fields. At no cost, you can add your artwork through the Public Art Archive’s call for artists on OR you can contact Lori Goldstein at to learn more and get started today. Submit Today!

Art Selection Resource Guide produced by Americans for the Arts: Whether your public art program has been writing calls for artists for years or your organization  is just getting started with commissioning public art, this Artist Selection Process Resource Guide contains information about best practices that will help you navigate the process. The guide will outline the best ways for your community or organization to develop opportunities that clearly describe your projects that provides applicants with the information they need to evaluate whether they are a good match for your project and community. (courtesy Americans for the Arts)

Presentations and Documents

Year in Review-2016

Memory-Based Public Art presentation
Presented at 2016 Conference by Ann Wykell, Social Sector Solutions and Robin Nigh, City of Tampa

Sample Public Art Contract Courtesy Americans for the Arts

Hurricanes and Outdoor Sculpture How to deal with artwork during and after the storm
Tips courtesy Rosa Lowinger & Associates,

Conservation Resource – After the Storm

Regional Artists Development Series

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